We teach a daily literacy lesson to all children.  This means that they have an hour each day where the whole class are taught literacy skills. We follow the National Literacy Strategy.  We place a high priority on children developing a love of reading and books.  Literacy is also taught across the whole curriculum and children are given opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills throughout their school lives.  All classes have discussions and take part in presentations and assemblies. They are also involved in Philosophy for Children activities that help to articulate ideas and structure arguments. They listen to stories, respond to others and express their own ideas.

Reading is constantly encouraged.  The main structured reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree and as the children progress, supplementary readers are added throughout school. Children take part in guided reading sessions each day.  They are expected to take books home, where parents can support and encourage a love of books and reading to develop. We have several library areas containing both fiction and non-fiction books where children begin to develop their own interests and learn the skills essential for selecting information.  To support the teaching of phonics in Reception Class and Key Stage 1 we use Letters and Sounds.

Writing skills develop alongside reading and children write for a variety of purposes (e.g. stories, reporting, descriptive passages). Children are given spellings weekly and their grammar and punctuation skills are developed through different writing genres. Creativity is encouraged through a variety of stimuli including fiction, poetry, independent learning areas, visits and interests. Where possible we try to give children a real purpose for their writing.