The Local Advisory Committee consists of Co-Head Teachers, representatives of the Local Authority, the community, staff and parents. Our aim is to support the Co-Head Teachers and school to ensure that every child is given the best possible education according to their individual needs in a happy and secure environment. We like to see every child achieving their full potential and to this end we encourage a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities. We are proud of the progress that our pupils are making and look forward to further success in the future.

Introducing our Governors

Chair, Co-Opted Governor

I have been teaching for 7 years having trained in KS 2/3 Education with a specialism in MFL, I also hold a Masters degree in Education.  I currently work for a Multi-Academy Trust in Manchester made up of a Primary and Secondary school where I hold the position of a ‘Director of Learning’, my focus is on Key Stage 2/3.

Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor

My main reason for being a governor at Fir Bank is to provide the local community with a safe and well grounded school so that the local children can receive a good education in a safe and trusted environment.

Co -Head Teacher Governor

I have worked at Fir Bank for over 20 years and feel very fortunate to be working with a passionate and committed team. As Co-Head and Governor at Fir Bank we aim to give our children the very  best education, as I feel a good education can open up many doors of opportunity for our children and we need to work together to make this happen.

Parent Governor

I became a parent governor at Fir Bank primarily to support the committed and hard working staff at the school through my experience and skills in the private sector. I love the school ethos of “everybody matters”, and my children enjoy their experience at the school everyday. I’m enthusiastic about continuous improvement and look forward to contributing.

Parent Governor

I am a parent governor with 2 young sons at Fir Bank. We all love Firbank and the warm and friendly atmosphere that makes the children want to come to school and try their hardest.  I’m sure that this is the key to success and that a love of learning is the first thing that needs to be instilled into children so that they can go on and reach their full potential. This is something that I am passionate about supporting for all of the children at Fir Bank.

Parent Governor

I am a working mum and have two children, my daughter age 8 attends Firbank school. The school is a real breath of fresh air, the children are valued and respected as individuals.

Co-Head Teacher

I am passionate about everyone at Fir Bank being able to become the best that they can be.  As a Governor and Co-Head Teacher I work hard to achieve this and I am fortunate to part of a great team

Staff Governor

I have worked at Fir Bank for over 12 years and been a Governor for most of this time. I enjoy my work being on the Building and Finance Committee and being very much involved in school life.

Local Authority Governor

After retiring from the Civil Service, I want to use my skills and experience in helping my local community and this includes Fir Bank school. My aim is for all the children to realise their full potential and enjoy their time here

Local Advisory Committee Responsibilities

In the process of being updated