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Polar Explorer Day

We had a fantastic day learning about Sir Earnest Shakleton and his expeditions to the Antarctic. We tested our endurance with a tyre drag and blindfold-obstacle course. We also learned about how objects float in different densities of water and finished our day learning how to survive in Antartctica.

Geography: Rivers
In our start of year topic we have researched rivers around the world and written non-chronological reports. We painted in the style of the French impressionist artist Seurat. Our trip to Castleshaw furthered our knowledge by using all the technical vocabulary we have learnt in action, we dressed up in waterproofs and waded up a river and explored the countryside using orienteering skills.

Our Visit to Castleshaw

Mayans Topic

We have found out about the Mayan culture and how it differs from our own. We presented our findings to the class.

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This term we will be covering: