Fir Bank Primary School




At Fir Bank, the intention of our MFL curriculum is to develop an interest in and the thirst for learning other languages. The process of learning another language should foster children's curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. It should also provide opportunities for them to communicate for practical purposes and learn new ways of thinking. We hope to embed the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. We aim to build the children’s cultural capital so that they are aware of the similarities and differences between cultures. 

Language teaching should provide the foundation for learning further languages, equipping children to study and work in other countries.


Our MFL curriculum has been designed to progressively develop skills in French. We are currently using Primary Languages Network to deliver our French lessons. These ensure children acquire a bank of vocabulary organized around topics. They ensure development is progressive as they build on previous knowledge from units already studied. All children in KS2 are taught French in a weekly discreet lesson. 

We are also focusing on French outside the classroom. Signs around the school will be displayed to make language learning more meaningful and give it a purpose.  


Evidence of a broad and balanced MFL curriculum which demonstrates children’s acquisition of identified through sticky knowledge and skills. 

Children are able to review their successes in achieving the lesson objectives and are actively encouraged to identify their own areas of development.  

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods;

Learning walks and professional dialogue with teachers.

  • Accessing children’s understanding of vocabulary before and after the ‘knowledge and skills’ have been taught. 
  • Images and videos of the children’s practical learning (books/ class floor book/displays)
  • Interviewing children about their learning (pupil voice).
  • Moderation staff meetings where pupil’s books/ class floor book are scrutinised and there is an opportunity for dialogue between teachers and to discuss the learning and teaching in their class. 

Learning Journey French