Fir Bank Primary School


School Office: 0161 624 9577

Why does attendance matter?

All children will have days when they’re not able to go to school, whether that’s due to illness, holiday or a family emergency, and the occasional day off is unlikely to affect their education.

However, missing too much school can be seriously detrimental.

A child who misses school just twice per month will lose out on 18 days’ education across the school year – that’s nearly four weeks.

Reporting your child’s absence?

If your child is absent from school, you should notify the school office on the day as soon as possible by telephone (0161 624 9577) giving full details of the illness or reason for absence. Details are required to monitor illness in school. If necessary, leave a message on the answer phone. If the school office does not receive adequate notification of the absence of a child, then it will be deemed unauthorised. (please note, 5 unauthorised sessions can result in the Attendance Service involvement) Parents are expected to telephone school every day at the earliest convenience when their child is ill. In order to keep absences due to illness to a minimum, the school askes for medical evidence in the following cases:

  • Where a child has had 5 or more days of absence for illness- these do not have to be consecutive days. Medical evidence can be in the form of the following:
  • A medical appointment card
  • A medical appointment letter
  • A copy of a prescription with the name of the child and the date
  •  An ‘unfit for School’ declaration or letter from the GP
  • A hospital discharge letter

Attendance Policy